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Partner ServicesCrestmark Partner Services

Crestmark Partner Services was developed as a way to help businesses gain working capital, and as a way to strengthen community banks by providing complementary services that expanded their ability to serve their communities. This partnership program offers community banks an extended range of services and funding alternatives; the ability to maintain relationships with financially challenged customers; and a system to help drive new business to their bank. Best of all, our partner services can achieve this without an increase in community bank staff.quote

Crestmark Partner Services has been a valuable tool to small- to medium-sized businesses with regards to helping them navigate turbulent times; and to community banks, with regards to developing stronger relationships with their customers and realizing additional income from those relationships. A partner bank can choose the level of participation in each financing relationship, allowing them a stake in the agreement. Our partner bank network numbers over 20 community banks across the country, and has provided financing arrangements for numerous clients.

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