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Recent Fundings for Crestmark Bank, Crestmark Capital and Crestmark Transportation Services

For Immediate Release July 16, 2009

Contact: Mia Beattie
Phone: 248-267-1654

Crestmark Bank, a national provider of working capital solutions to small- and mid-sized businesses, has provided the following financing solutions:

• $1,500,000 to a California-based company who designs, manufactures and markets disposable medical devices for various surgical specialties
• $250,000 to a mechanical contractor in Florida who specializes in providing maintenance and repair services to restaurants
• $3,500,000 to a company located in Georgia who provides merchandising and promotional programs for the fast food and retail markets
• $250,000 for a Michigan company who designs, manufactures and distributes parts and machinery for engine testing equipment
• $3,500,000 to a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of a new technology football helmet being sold throughout the US and Canada
• $250,000 to a Michigan-based manufacturer of diamond grinding wheels
• $500,000 to two affiliated companies who do maintenance work on airplanes and sell new and used replacement parts
• $1,800,000 to a finance company who leases various types of equipment to sub-prime and other borrowers
• $3,000,000 to a Missouri company who performs stamping, machining and sequencing for various industries

Crestmark Bank, through the West Palm Beach, FL office, has provided the following factoring facilities:

• $ 3,000,000 to a Florida-based manufacturer and importer of patio furniture cushions and patio umbrellas for national retail chains
• $500,000 to a temporary staffing agency in New York who provides staffing to companies that need help with their printing and web design
• $400,000 to a North Carolina manufacturer of upholstered furniture and furniture frames selling to retailers and other manufacturers

Crestmark Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Crestmark Bank and located in Baton Rouge, LA has provided the following financing solutions:

• $ 750,000 to a California-based manufacturer of store displays for retailers
• $100,000 to a company in Texas who provides well testing and tracks flow-back of natural gas wells
• $250,000 to an Alabama-based company who sells supplies and products to government contractors





Crestmark Transportation Services, the transportation specialty subsidiary of Crestmark Bank, and located in Nashville, TN has provided working capital solutions to the following transportation related companies:

• $ 250,000 to an Ohio-based trucking company who primarily hauls food products to local schools districts
• $500,000 to a trucking company in South Carolina who hauls refrigerated and dry food products

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