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Crestmark Machinery and Equipment FinancingMachinery / Equipment Financing

Don’t let your need for new machinery, equipment... or for working capital slow production and business growth in your company. Crestmark understands that as business grows, this can become an immediate need.  We help manufacturers and distributors keep their businesses running smoothly by financing the purchase of equipment to meet these needs, or by using the equity in equipment they already own to access working capital.

We offer several machinery / equipment financing options for non-rolling stock:

  • Equipment Borrowing Base 
    Provides financing to existing clients with a line of credit for the acquisition of machinery and equipment. Provides five year amortization.
  • SBA 7(a) machinery and equipment loans
    For new and existing Crestmark clients who have qualified for and/or have one of our working capital lines of credit. Provides up to 10 year amortization.
  • Equipment Leasing
    Fair market value leasing financing for new and used equipment on a stand-alone basis.
  • Equipment Loans
    Primarily relies on collateral valuation; no requirement for a Crestmark working capital line of credit for eligibility for this machinery and equipment lending product.

Crestmark Can Help

As a non-traditional lender, Crestmark is able to bridge the gap between the funds you have on hand, and the cash needed to finance your M & E essentials or meet demands for increased cash flow. Whether in conjuction with an existing working capital line of credit, or as a stand-alone solution, our options can provide the financial assistance you need.  Crestmark has proven experience and financial strength to give the confidence to our clients in solving the financing problems of small businesses.  If you find yourself at a standstill because your budget won’t allow for new equipment, let us lend you a hand and find the financing option that works for you to keep your business production rolling. 

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