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FreightBillFinancingFreight Bill Financing

Transportation and logistics are unique industries for many reasons, but one of the most obvious differences is the cash flow. Crestmark understands that most transportation industry invoices aren't paid until the shipment is delivered, or are only paid in part beforehand. In addition, fluctuating gas prices and other variable factors make it difficult for even the most seasoned transportation principal to budget for consistent cash flow. That's where our freight bill financing solutions can help.

The Cash You Need, Tailored for Your Business

Crestmark has an office focused on the unique working capital needs of the transportation industry. Located in Tennessee, our group of seasoned professionals understands the unique challenges that you may face every day, and we've developed specialized solutions to help you overcome them and succeed. Freight bill factoring allows you to receive a portion of your freight bill immediately rather than waiting for payment. With Crestmark, this kind of transaction can be processed very quickly, allowing you to get the funds you need as fast as possible.

Solutions for the Transportation Industry

In addition to freight bill factoring, Crestmark offers other programs to help your company. Crestmark is ready to help your company succeed from initial billing to fulfillment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you weather the stormy markets of the transportation industry with appropriate and timely working capital.

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