Small Business Capital: SBA Loans

by Crestmark 2. July 2012 09:28

Getting capital is often one of the biggest struggles that small business owners face. A lot of lenders hesitate to invest in a business that hasn't achieved critical mass and  banks might resist lending to small undercapitalized companies.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (“SBA”) was created to represent business owners and help provide the kind of resources needed. As part of that, the SBA partners with regional lenders to create SBA-guaranteed small business capital loans that are available throughout the country. When you apply for small business loan programs through the SBA, you get more than just the basic required allotment of small business capital. They sometimes come with some kind of coaching, instruction, or assistance, which can be vital to help a new business get the most out of the loan.

In order to apply for small business loan programs through the SBA, you have to meet certain criteria. There are a number of different loan programs that exist. They range from those available on a broader scale to more specific loans for rural businesses or other specialized applications. The requirements for each are different, and the ways in which loaned money can be used will vary as well. 

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