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Our Leadership

The leadership team at Crestmark brings with them a host of diverse financial backgrounds and expertise, including: traditional banking, commercial lending, commercial finance (including asset-based lending and factoring). They’ve also worked as business advisors and in entrepreneurial ventures. They are active on numerous advisory boards, as well as in community organizations where they are members of groups that work with young businesses in need of financial advice; present at conferences; and publish articles about the industry. As members of industry groups such as the ABA, BBB, CFA, IFA, and many more, they are active in the business community to ensure that Crestmark knows the best and most efficient way to provide working capital solutions to businesses that need it – when they need it most.

What you will find consistent about everyone on our leadership team is his or her drive to help. When you hear them talk about the businesses and clients that have thrived through their relationship with Crestmark, it becomes increasingly clear why they got involved in this business in the first place. They like to help.

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W. David Tull
Chairman / CEO

Mick Goik
President / COO

Barry J. Essig
Vice Chairman

Matt Barbuscak
Executive Vice President
Operations Director

Martin Blake
Executive Vice President
Marketing / Banks & Financial Organization Manager

Pat Haney
Executive Vice President
West Division President

Scott Grady
TIP Capital President
Crestmark Equipment Financing

Heath Holdbrooks
Executive Vice President
Transportation Services President

Mark Matheson
Senior Vice President
Chief Credit Officer

Ray Morandell 
Senior Vice President
National Sales Director

Steven Tomasello 
Executive Vice President
East Division President

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